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Wine Lines Compare Stemware Charms

Wine Lines - Compare To Stemware Wine Glass Charms

Additional Product Info:
Can't find your chianti? Misplaced your merlot? Don't fret. WINE LINES are here to save the soiree. Insert the band through the slot and tighten around the stem of your glass. Voila - your ros is recognizable! WINES LINES are soft, stretchable, washable, reusable synthetic rubber. Easy to slip onto a wineglass, and unobtrusive once in place. Each pack features 12 different color tags together as a party pack, and printed them in amusing words that act as great wine glass identifiers. They're fun as ice breakers - I mean WHO doesn't want to drape an "OVERPRICED" tag on their wine glass and fend off the compliments? Wine Lines come packaged in peggable clear clamshell packs measuring 10" x 4.75"

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